Top 6 tips to manage indoor humidity levels

With cold winter weather, the appearance of condensation and frost on your home's interior windows is a common occurrence but some things can be done to avoid or reduce it from forming on your windows. Condensation on interior windows occurs naturally when interior air with sufficient moisture comes into contact with a cold window surface.

Air can only hold a limited amount of water vapour at any given temperature. As warm room air comes in contact with a cool window surface, the air cools and loses the ability to hold water. If the moisture in the air is high enough or if the surface of the glass is cool enough, the water in the air will deposit on the glass surface – this is called condensation. As temperatures drop, you can reduce condensation in your home by limiting the amount of moisture in your indoor air – here's how:


1. Ventilation

Ensure that your home is properly ventilated, especially around those areas where condensation is most likely.


2. Let the sunshine in

Open your curtains and blinds during daylight hours as keeping them closed increases the likelihood of condensation forming with potential moisture damage.


3. Use a humidifier

Adjust the output of your home's humidifier – 20% is recommended on coldest winter days.


4. Use a dehumidifier

If you see a lot of condensation accumulating on windows, it may be necessary to run a dehumidifier or ventilation fan to help remove unwanted moisture from your home.


5. Turn on your fans

Just as you would run the defroster in your car, you should turn on ceiling fans throughout your home and run exhaust fans as needed to remove excess moisture.


6. Check other household items

Keep in mind that other items may also increase moisture levels, such as plants, aquariums or certain construction projects, including fresh paint and new masonry.

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